Server rules
Respect the admins and follow their instructions if necessary. Admin is the main authority on the server!

1. It is prohibited:

use client modifications that affect game behavior [JAIL, BAN]
duplicate items [IP BAN, account BAN]
to cheat players in the game by misleading the name of the item during the sale, while the player sells a completely different item - the so-called scam [JAIL, BAN]
use macros to automatically farm mobs [KICK, JAIL, BAN]
use third party programs, ie programs that are not in the basic client installation [JAIL, BAN]
use Walkery, Boots, Auto Skill Bar, AutoCrafter, AutoClicker, L2phx etc. [IP BAN, BAN accounts]
use programs connected / connected / running with the client, causing different behavior of the game, or providing an extension that is not in the standard installation of the game [BAN to IP address]
use bugs. If you find a bug, you are obliged to write this bug to the admin by email. There is a ban for using bugs.
use vulgar allusions, swearing, vulgar nicknames defaming the admin or other attacks against GM or admin will be punished by an account ban and an IP ban
write into the chat game vulgar expressions, racist or fascist things
insult other players in any way
GM does not solve swearing in PM, as players have the option to block PM. (/ block nick_hrace)
2. It is prohibited:

sell and buy characters or items including pets for real money to other players = (ban)
in the case of a sale for real money, the BAN will receive both the seller and the recipient, in addition, they will be performed WIPE (deletion) of the inventory!
Trading characters or items between our and other people's servers. (dome)
3. It is forbidden to use bugs. If you find a bug, you are obliged to write this bug to the admin by email. There is a ban for using bugs.

4. The name of the character, clan, alliance, PET or headline, as well as the crest and the emblem on the shield must not contain racist or vulgar expressions and none of these listed items may contain abbreviations or letters resembling or imitating GM.

5. Don't give anyone access to your characters!

It is forbidden to enter the same account name and password.
You are responsible for the account and characters.
Neither GM nor ADMIN will solve and will not deal with stolen accounts, characters and stolen WHs.
Give yourself complex passwords and don't share this data with anyone.
Both the server and the forms on the website are password-protected, so any account theft is a player's fault.
When giving rights in a clan with forethought, assign individual statuses to players!
We do not replace items, weapons, or armor, or points that disappear to players as a result of a server crash, server error, server bug, or force majeure. We do not replace the things that players leave on the ground when the server is restarted and they also disappear.
In exceptional cases, the admin may decide to return items.
6. PK (Playerkiller) is part of the game. The amount of karma depends on the damage you deal to a player as a PK.

7. It is forbidden to write links to other servers or Lineage sites! Sites that are databases of quests, items, skills, npc, drops and other things from the game Lineage 2 are allowed, but may not be related to another server (it must also not have an advertisement or a banner linking to another server). This does not apply to lineage.cz (jail, ban)

8. It is prohibited:

circumvent quests, such as porting to a spouse, or using a wyverna to arrive at RaidBossum. The penalty is 5 days jail.
use striders, wyverny and transformations at events (CTF, TvT, DM, VIP).
9. Donors support the server. Do not talk / write about them negatively if it is a donate. Please note that donors support this server, while others play for free.

10. All data stored on the server is the property of the server operator L2-Hounds.TK, so there is no right to any replacement of items in the game.

11. The operator L2-Hounds.TK does not provide any guarantees regarding the operation of the service. The Service may be partially suspended or terminated at any time without notice.

12. Buying and selling items

Buying / buying / selling using offline characters is allowed in all cities.
It is forbidden to carry out these activities in the vicinity of NPCs. The minimum distance is approx. 2 meters from the NPC (estimated in the game).
13. When TW is prohibited with the flag:

go to the instance
to the city
to catacomb and necropolis
It is allowed to leave the combat zone with the flag if the player goes to write it to the fotress, but the player must carry the flag only on the mainland.
Violation of the rule will be punished by jail at the discretion of the GM.
It is forbidden to block the Christmas tree instead of writing during TW and CS.
During Castle Siege, it is forbidden to use a pet that does not pass through a wall or gate as an attack. It is also forbidden to write from a place other than that intended for this purpose. It is a notation under the crystal, or from another place, it is a bug. Wyverna may only use CL, which owns the castle or fortress, and may use it to write a crystal, even if the gate or wall is not broken.
It is strictly forbidden to look for and use holes in the rules! If you find such an error, you are obliged to report it to the admin by email, not to the forum.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse!

These rules will be modified as needed without notifying players!
All prohibitions for which no penalty is specified are determined by the admin or GM at their discretion.

Playing on the server means agreeing to these rules.