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Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle is a computer fantasy mass online hero game (MMORPG) created by the Korean business company NCsoft. This is a sequel to the computer game Lineage.
  • CH = clan hall
  • CP = combat point, shadow lives, used in PvP. They go first, and then the injury takes a normal life.
  • CS = castle siege, battle for a castle between clans or clan battle against NPCs (if no one has conquered the castle yet).
  • Craft = the profession of a character who can make things.
  • Grade = (no grade, D grade, C grade, B grade, A grade, S grade, S80 grade and S84 grade, R, R95, R99) item level, divided according to the level from which the character can use it. The higher the level, the better the object, but for each level the character must have a sufficient level (NG 1-19, D 20-39, C 40-51, B 52-60, A 61-75, S 76-79, S80 80 -83, S84 84-85, R 85-94, R95 95-98 and R99 95-99). If a character wears an object with a higher degree than its level allows, he gets a penalty in the form of a reduction in all its properties.
  • GK = gatekeeper, NPC enabling teleportation between cities.
  • Hero = a hero, a character who wins the Olympics. Hero status is granted for one month. The character acquires an exclusive aura, skills and items for which he can buy otherwise poorly available spells of enchantment to improve weapons and armor.
  • L2, LA2 = Lineage 2.
  • Noblesse = a nobleman, a character who has fulfilled a special task and has the appropriate level in the main and secondary profession. He can take part in the Olympics.
  • Offender = a special task that takes the character's profession to a higher level.
  • Raidboss = a powerful monster that requires a group of players to kill.
  • WB = orld Boss, extra strong bosses that require at least a very good clan or alliance to kill. There are 8 known World Boss, namely Antharas, Zaken, Baium, Ant Queen, Valakas, Core, Orfen, Frintezza and especially the epic monster AlkoN, which no one has ever conquered before, when you kill them you will reach the end of the game. Sometimes also known as EP (Epic Boss)
  • Soulshot, Spirit shot, Blessed spirit shot (SS, SpS, BSpS) = a special item, sometimes called a bullet, which causes the character to deal more weapon damage (in the case of soulshot) or increases the effect of spells (in the case of spiritshots). For a Grade A weapon, you need Grade A soulshots, etc., the damage of the Damage is about 100% to the original (ie without a soulshot, for example, the damage is 200, with the soulshot the damage is valuable at the level of 400). + the power of the spell is also almost doubled, ie for example the invocation of the attack spell Wind strike without Bsps is about 5 Seconds, and from bsps it is about 3 seconds, Gate without buffs.
  • Spoil = the profession of a character who can get better prey from killed monsters.
  • The game Lineage II is played on a number of servers. Based on the geographical location, official L2NA servers (USA and EU) are intended for us, but playing on them is not blocked based on the origin of IP, which is a practice elsewhere in the world. There are also a number of unofficial so-called private servers.

    Some of these servers have so-called rats, which is a multiplier of the number of gained experience (EXP), experience points (SP), the chance of DROP (falling out of a killed monster) of entire items and the amount of aden gained (currency in the L2 world). While on official servers the rats are initially set to 1 ×, on private servers they range from 1 × to infinity.

    Written by rovi at 2020-04-30 03:11:59